Leslie Michael Orchard (deus_x) wrote,
Leslie Michael Orchard

LiveJournal and Jabber, sittin' in a tree

Yeah, yeah, I need to post here more. Maybe I will pick up the habit again soon. One thing that just got me excited about this place though, besides the prospects of potentially finding people in our new neighborhood after the move, is this:

LiveJournal-integrated Jabber

And just what, you ask, is a Jabber? And why might you care?

You know how America OnLine runs AIM? Imagine if LiveJournal ran their own alternative to AIM, and everyone's Friends list was also their Buddy List. Next, imagine that everyone on "LJIM" could talk to everyone on Google Talk. Then, imagine that anyone with a decent server on the net could run their own Jabber server and talk to everyone else. (eg. deusx@decafbad.com is my Jabber screen name on my server)

Well, no need to imagine, because that's what they just announced here at LJ. It's AIM without the AOL.

Now, it'd be just plain scary if MySpace happened to join this party. Actually, forget I said that. You stay out of this, you damn dirty apes.
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