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Current thoughts...

Here are some current thoughts in need of release, with this much neglected LJ as the chosen steam valve:
  • The President most certainly speaks not for me. As a soon-to-be-married heterosexual man, I have to say that I feel absolutely zero need for either the sanctity or semantics of our impending union to to be protected from "a couple of middle-aged guys who want to tie the knot in Provincetown". In fact, I feel our marriage would obtain more meaning as an ideal through broader inclusiveness and freedom from meddlesome moralists.
  • Yay effing hooray, I see sunshine. And a cardinal. Weather, you are hereby ordered to remain sunny until at least Sunday.
  • The conflicting expectations and inevitably irreconcilable disappointments orbiting my brain, from wedding guests both real and imagined, have become my Kobyashi Maru.
  • There is no simulator to hack, ala James T. Kirk, so my stomach and nerves are hacking themselves. I can only guess how missadroit is coping without violence toward self or others.
  • The funny part about this is that I feel absolutely no hint of "cold feet." On the contrary, these feet might ignite a sun, if so employed.
  • Beer.
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