Leslie Michael Orchard (deus_x) wrote,
Leslie Michael Orchard

No dreams of Shepard + McKay in my head

Okay, breaking radio silence again to pose a question to my LJ friends: What the hell is with all this Stargate Atlantis slash fic? I suspect some of you know what I'm talking about.

Slash fic just squicks me out on general principle. Of course, I thoroughly support your right to enjoy it - but why oh why has it poked its head into this particular memespace so emphatically? Can't you guys go back to Harry Potter or the Buffyverse or something? Maybe there's some unexplored ground over in the SeaQuest DSV continuity, or in The Collector from Canada? I'd actually appreciate it if you all stayed clear of the Firefly 'verse, though, but I know that the mere suggestion has probably inspired some Book/Wash and Mal/Jayne pairings somewhere...

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