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Lookee, I'm writing a book, and I can't stop my brain

So, yeah, I've been missing from these parts for awhile. It seems to be my usual modus operandi around here, these past years. Every now and again I come back, when I have an overflow of whatever is sloshing around up in the old grey matter.

Today, I am all atwitter because I'm 2 chapters and around 50 pages away from finishing the first draft of my first technical book, which is due on May 2nd. I just turned in my 15th chapter, feel like taking a pause before diving into the next, but I just can't seem to stop spewing out words at the moment... so here I am.

And most jitter-worthy today, my Developmental Editor—from whom I haven't heard much, throughout the last few months—wrote that he was "...extremely delighted at how clean this manuscript really is." He added, "What a joy to work with an author as diligent and meticulous as you are!" So, while I was worrying that I was delivering a steaming pile, it appears that no news has been good news, in fact.

Working backward a bit here, since many of you—on whose friends list I still inexplicably remain—likely have no clue what I'm talking about... Book? Book? What is this... book... of which you speak?

Well, here's what the cover looks like on Amazon right now:

Hacking RSS and Atom
by Leslie M. Orchard

It's just dazzling to me to see my name on something for sale on Amazon—especially since I've yet to finish it! Like I'm a really real author; you can look me up by name. This is where my life has gone since shortly after Christmas, so I'm hoping it'll be good when all's said and done.

And then, once it's been taken out of my hands, to be placed at the mercy of the production crew... I want my life back.
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