June 29th, 2006

Crochety old Mr. Gruff

Plotting a going-away party for Saturday, July 8th.

So, in case anyone's not yet heard: We're moving to California. In fact, we'll probably be on a plane sometime around July 15th, give or take a day. But, before that happens, we'd like to have a little going away party somewhere, in order to get one last visit in with keen people in this neck of the woods. We'd especially like this because the Wedding was just one big blur, and we barely remember talking to anyone who was there.

Big update: Well, after all my pondering places, I think what we'll do is just have it in our place. The one imposition we'll throw out there is this: Feed us and bring booze. Lots of both. Also, seating will be the floor and whatever hasn't been carted off.

Mostly, we just want to see people before we make our escape.

Also: We're having a moving sale this Saturday, July 1st - which hopefully should help empty the place out. If you've ever coveted anything in our apartment, now's the time to come see if you can swipe it. Also, we'll be staying put in our back patio / yard, so if you feel like a visit before the party, c'mon over. Just make sure to buy something, or look like you're shopping so as to make other people think they're going to miss out on the deals! :)

The first questions, then, are when? and where?

Update: Oh yeah, and another obvious question: How many people? Honestly, I'm not sure. Let's say 10-20. I'd love to see hundreds of people show up, but I can't imagine we'd be a draw for that many. :)

When is most likely to be next Saturday, July 8th. This Saturday is too soon, and the one after is too "up in the air".

As for where... well, that's where we need some help. Our townhouse will be off-limits due to moving and such. So, it'll need to be a public venue unless someone magically volunteers to throw it. (Update: "magical" snark unintended - especially since a few people have graciously mentioned possibilities of helping / throwing the party! We've got good friends.)

At present, I've got three ideas. You guys get to vote on them:

Poll #758721 Going-away party poll!

Where should our going-away party be held?

Bastone in Royal Oak - Somewhat spacious, excellent food & beer, somewhat pricey
Woodward Avenue Brewery in Ferndale - A little small, good food & beer, somewhat cheap
Gameworks in Auburn Hills - Lots of space, decent food & beer, and video games, somewhat pricey
None of the above, see below!

Suggestion for a place not listed

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