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Anyone still out there?

So, uhh, this is a long shot after over 11 years of silence:

Anyone I know still out there? Any of you hanging out mainly elsewhere?

Thinking about closing up this shop and deleting the contents.

If you want to find me and haven't looked for me in the past decade, lookahere:
Crochety old Mr. Gruff

Posting to LJ via Jabber

Testing, testing, 1.. 2.. 3.. Is this thing on? Sibilants. Sibilants. If you are reading this post, know that it came via an instant message I sent to some strange goatbot named Frank.
Crochety old Mr. Gruff

LiveJournal and Jabber, sittin' in a tree

Yeah, yeah, I need to post here more. Maybe I will pick up the habit again soon. One thing that just got me excited about this place though, besides the prospects of potentially finding people in our new neighborhood after the move, is this:

LiveJournal-integrated Jabber

And just what, you ask, is a Jabber? And why might you care?

You know how America OnLine runs AIM? Imagine if LiveJournal ran their own alternative to AIM, and everyone's Friends list was also their Buddy List. Next, imagine that everyone on "LJIM" could talk to everyone on Google Talk. Then, imagine that anyone with a decent server on the net could run their own Jabber server and talk to everyone else. (eg. is my Jabber screen name on my server)

Well, no need to imagine, because that's what they just announced here at LJ. It's AIM without the AOL.

Now, it'd be just plain scary if MySpace happened to join this party. Actually, forget I said that. You stay out of this, you damn dirty apes.
Crochety old Mr. Gruff

Plotting a going-away party for Saturday, July 8th.

So, in case anyone's not yet heard: We're moving to California. In fact, we'll probably be on a plane sometime around July 15th, give or take a day. But, before that happens, we'd like to have a little going away party somewhere, in order to get one last visit in with keen people in this neck of the woods. We'd especially like this because the Wedding was just one big blur, and we barely remember talking to anyone who was there.

Big update: Well, after all my pondering places, I think what we'll do is just have it in our place. The one imposition we'll throw out there is this: Feed us and bring booze. Lots of both. Also, seating will be the floor and whatever hasn't been carted off.

Mostly, we just want to see people before we make our escape.

Also: We're having a moving sale this Saturday, July 1st - which hopefully should help empty the place out. If you've ever coveted anything in our apartment, now's the time to come see if you can swipe it. Also, we'll be staying put in our back patio / yard, so if you feel like a visit before the party, c'mon over. Just make sure to buy something, or look like you're shopping so as to make other people think they're going to miss out on the deals! :)

The first questions, then, are when? and where?

Update: Oh yeah, and another obvious question: How many people? Honestly, I'm not sure. Let's say 10-20. I'd love to see hundreds of people show up, but I can't imagine we'd be a draw for that many. :)

When is most likely to be next Saturday, July 8th. This Saturday is too soon, and the one after is too "up in the air".

As for where... well, that's where we need some help. Our townhouse will be off-limits due to moving and such. So, it'll need to be a public venue unless someone magically volunteers to throw it. (Update: "magical" snark unintended - especially since a few people have graciously mentioned possibilities of helping / throwing the party! We've got good friends.)

At present, I've got three ideas. You guys get to vote on them:

Poll #758721 Going-away party poll!

Where should our going-away party be held?

Bastone in Royal Oak - Somewhat spacious, excellent food & beer, somewhat pricey
Woodward Avenue Brewery in Ferndale - A little small, good food & beer, somewhat cheap
Gameworks in Auburn Hills - Lots of space, decent food & beer, and video games, somewhat pricey
None of the above, see below!

Suggestion for a place not listed

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Go West, Young Man!

Hello, LiveJournal friends. Yes, this space is very much neglected by yours truly, but I wonder if I might not start using it again soon. For now, though, I bring you a cut-and-paste repost from my other blog,

In the first half of this year, I’ve been really busy. My fits of posts and stretches of silence around here can attest to that. In fact, I’ve been so busy that I managed to finish a book, get married, and go on a honeymoon - all whilst being fully engaged in a dayjob.

missadroit had it easy this year - instead of her usual full load of university classes and all the jobs she does for both of us, all she had to do was plan a wedding and arrange a honeymoon! (And in case you’ve never planned a wedding, you should know that I’m being sarcastic here. My lovely bride has been busier than you could imagine. I helped, but not nearly enough.)

The one thing that we haven’t done this year - which I’ve somehow managed to do almost every year for the past decade - is packup and move. We even moved last year while I was in the middle of writing my first book, albeit only about a quarter-mile down the road.

The obvious conclusion, then, is that neither my wife nor I have been busy enough this year. It’s time to move again.

But, there’ll be no cakewalk quarter-mile jaunts for us this time. No, this year - in fact, in the next month - we’ll somehow be moving almost 2500 miles away. Yes, that’s right: We’re moving from the Detroit, MI area to the Bay Area in California, and I’m not quite sure how it’s all going to work out. But, I do know that we need to be there before July 17th.

And, why is the 17th of July a significant date, you ask? Well, that’s when I start work at Yahoo! in Santa Clara, of course.

I’ve tried to be a bit cagey about my job and employers over the past few years, just to avoid difficulties and unnecessary disclosures - but this change in career is a big one that I just can’t keep under wraps. Of course, I’m not planning to blog every little detail and become another “fired for blogging” statistic on the superhighway, but I’m admitting this much. And, damn, am I excited.
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Current thoughts...

Here are some current thoughts in need of release, with this much neglected LJ as the chosen steam valve:
  • The President most certainly speaks not for me. As a soon-to-be-married heterosexual man, I have to say that I feel absolutely zero need for either the sanctity or semantics of our impending union to to be protected from "a couple of middle-aged guys who want to tie the knot in Provincetown". In fact, I feel our marriage would obtain more meaning as an ideal through broader inclusiveness and freedom from meddlesome moralists.
  • Yay effing hooray, I see sunshine. And a cardinal. Weather, you are hereby ordered to remain sunny until at least Sunday.
  • The conflicting expectations and inevitably irreconcilable disappointments orbiting my brain, from wedding guests both real and imagined, have become my Kobyashi Maru.
  • There is no simulator to hack, ala James T. Kirk, so my stomach and nerves are hacking themselves. I can only guess how missadroit is coping without violence toward self or others.
  • The funny part about this is that I feel absolutely no hint of "cold feet." On the contrary, these feet might ignite a sun, if so employed.
  • Beer.
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You stormed off to scar the armada

Man, I'm a sucker for prog rock and concept albums.

I'd never heard of Coheed and Cambria, except as an occasional song that came up on radioioRock as we had it on in the background on the XBMC. But that one song kept sounding a bit epic and pretentious, and that name seemed a bit odd - which, all in all, tripped my prog rock alert.

So, I checked out the rest of the album. Crap. It's a scifi concept album, one part of five. So now I've been listening to it over and over, trying to decipher things and catch up on the story. And now I just have to get all the rest of their albums. It's a familiar pattern I've played out before with bands like Rush, Yes, and Dream Theater. Hell, this tendency even sucked me into 30 Seconds to Mars. Give me 20-30 minute long epics with track titles annotated by roman numerals. I'll even bite when offered self-parodying album titles like, "Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through The Eyes of Madness"

I mean, how can I resist when the lead singer is described as "a man with a voice that makes Robert Plant and Geddy Lee mad for ever trying."

Such a sucker I am.
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No dreams of Shepard + McKay in my head

Okay, breaking radio silence again to pose a question to my LJ friends: What the hell is with all this Stargate Atlantis slash fic? I suspect some of you know what I'm talking about.

Slash fic just squicks me out on general principle. Of course, I thoroughly support your right to enjoy it - but why oh why has it poked its head into this particular memespace so emphatically? Can't you guys go back to Harry Potter or the Buffyverse or something? Maybe there's some unexplored ground over in the SeaQuest DSV continuity, or in The Collector from Canada? I'd actually appreciate it if you all stayed clear of the Firefly 'verse, though, but I know that the mere suggestion has probably inspired some Book/Wash and Mal/Jayne pairings somewhere...